The New ERA. Episode one. 
Here we have it, the new podcast from the grassroots organisation ERA 5050 who have been leading the conversation about gender imbalance on our stages and screens since 2015. This week we will be introducing you to the founders of the organisation, Polly Kemp, Karin Paynter and Deirdre Mullins with the full interview to come in 2 weeks time- so stay tuned for that. We also discuss making your own, female-led work with Actress and co-creator of hit TV show Harlots, Alison Newman, as well as hearing the fiery, impassioned audience responses to the hugely popular, show-of-the-moment Emilia, showing at the Vaudeville Theatre, West End until 1st June there’s only a week left of the show so find a link below to tickets as it really is NOT TO BE MISSED!
A huge thank you to all the individuals involved in making this podcast happen; Suzanne Diakun, Charlotte Bevan and the National Theatre for their help and use of the studio where we record the podcast, to Spotlight for their ongoing support of ERA 5050, to Imogen Greenberg for her pearls of wisdom early on in the development of the show, our podcast Producer extraordinaire George Jennings, Oliver Hoare for composing our music, Polly Kemp, Karin Paynter, Deirdre Mullins, Lizzie Berrington, Tom Bevan and all the ERA 5050 warriors, Alison Newman, all our interviewees from the Emilia audience and to Morgan Lloyd Malcom and Eleanor Lloyd from the Emilia creative team, Kate Kennelly, Peter Whelan, Alexandra Cooper, Nimax Theatres and all of the FOH team at the Vaudeville Theatre- we are hugely grateful for all the support in making the podcast happen. 
The New ERA Podcast 
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