It’s here. Episode 6. The final episode of our very first series of The New ERA Podcast.
This week we spoke with Intimacy Coordinators Ita O’Brien and David Thackeray about their relatively new and vitally important role in rehearsals and on set, dealing with intimacy, sexual content and nudity. Regardless of the fact that, as an actor, any intimate scene is always fraught with nerves and embarrassment but with the added context of a post-Weinstein- casting- couch, #MeToo world, issues of consent and safety in the work place are highly sensitive. You’ll hear, after our illuminating discussion with Ita and David, that it is a wonder why their roles have not been a demand before now!
We also hear audience responses to the feminist, folk-music phenomenon that is Call Me Fury, showing at The Hope Theatre, Islington until 5th October, find a link to tickets below.
Over the past few months we’ve been lucky enough to chew the ears off actors, activists, theatre and film makers, co-creators, change-makers and inspired audience members to hear their thoughts on how equalling the playing field for women- and specifically women in the entertainment industries- will have a positive effect on the society we live in today. With only a matter of months until 2020, off the back of a week of Emmy wins for ERA 5050 supporter Pheobe Waller Bridge and Michelle Williams speech about equal pay, we’re very aware that the industry is still miles away from where it should be for women and in particular women of colour. So for The New ERA Series 2 we have bigger and better and bolder plans to highlight the change that is happening and we want to bring those change makers straight to your ears. So keep an ear out for us in the very near future and continue to spread the word about us!
If you would like to get involved in the podcast, have any suggestions for guests or topics you’d like to hear discussed or if you are able to support in any way then please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!
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