That’s right folks, if you’re listening from The Burgh itself today, Friday 23rd August 2019 then THE END IS IN SIGHT. Hold it together, pull your socks up, buckle in and ride those last few shows home! Before you know it you’ll be on that night coach/train/plane/car journey home to your own bed where you can sleep that long ‘ol month off…
And for those of you that missed the fun of the Fringe then we have a special episode of the podcast this week revealing the ins and outs of gender at the Fringe, audience responses to a couple of shows we caught whilst on our whistle stop tour and some handy links below to the companies that are out there making changes through Fringe theatre and who will hopefully be paving the way for a fairer, more equal, better paid, open and inclusive Fringe for next year.
Rose headed up to Edinburgh at the end of week three to speak with Polly Compton and Roberto Valdo Cortese of PowerPlay Theatre- the innovators in activism and theatre at the Fringe- to discuss their recently published research ‘A Study of Gender Inequality at the Edinburgh Fringe’ and where we go from here. We also hear audience response to two shows; Anguis by Olivier award winning actress Sheila Atim, Directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson and Who Cares a verbatim play Directed by Matthew Woodhead and produced by Lung Theatre. There was a mind-blowing amount of brilliant work that adhered to ERA 5050’s ethos and simply not enough time to even scratch the surface so we wanted to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to you all for making it up there and powering through. You’re superstars the lot of you!
A huge thank you to all the individuals involved in making this podcast happen; to Louise Oliver, Elaine Stirrat & Misha McCullagh of Persistent & Nasty for being the BEST Edinburgh hosts a person could ask for, to The Assembly Rooms Club Bar for lending us some space to record at the festival. To the teams behind ‘Who Cares?’ and ‘Anguis’ for sharing their fantastic work and allowing us to record audience interviews, to the Edinburgh audiences for their thoughts and to the wonderful city of Edinburgh itself for putting on such a great show. Suzanne Diakun, Charlotte Bevan and the National Theatre for their continued support, to Spotlight for their ongoing support of the ERA 5050 campaign, to our podcast Producer extraordinaire George Jennings, Oliver Hoare for composing our music, Tom Bevan for his social media expertise and to the entire ERA 5050 kickass team and to all of you listening, sharing, subscribing, rating and buying badges, we are hugely grateful for all your support in making the podcast happen.
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