The New ERA. Episode Three.
3 is indeed a magic number- and here we are already with Episode Three of The New ERA podcast. It’s a special one this week focusing on the solution makers who are out there walking the walk as well as talking the talk, the people who are creating opportunities for under represented groups within the entertainment industry and providing practical answers to the age old and- let’s be honest- infuriating questions; Where are all the women? Where are all the people of colour? And where are all the D/deaf and disabled artists? 
We’ll be hearing from masterminds and Times Up UK members Akua Gyamfi, Founder of The British Blacklist, and Victoria Emslie, Founder of Primetime, as well as current news from the industry including Benedict Cumberbatch demanding equal pay for his female counterparts, Hadestown Director Rachel Chavkin’s Tony award acceptance speech and audience responses to Olivia Wilde’s cackle-inducing, riotous, make-you-want-to-call-up-your-best-mate-and-tell-them-you-love-them movie Booksmart– and much much more! 
A huge thank you to all the individuals involved in making this podcast happen; to Emmanuel De Lange and Equity where we recorded the podcast this week, Suzanne Diakun, Charlotte Bevan and the National Theatre for their continued support, to Spotlight for their ongoing support of the ERA 5050 campaign, to our podcast Producer extraordinaire George Jennings, Oliver Hoare for composing our music, Tom Bevan for his social media expertise and to the entire ERA 5050 kickass team, Akua Gyamfi and Victoria Emslie for taking time to share their incredible work, to all the interviewees from the Booksmart audience, Olivia Wilde and the team behind Booksmart for making such a ruddy fantastic film, to the FOH staff at the Rio Cinema Dalston and to all of you listening, sharing, subscribing, rating and buying badges, we are hugely grateful for all your support in making the podcast happen.
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Benedict Cumberbatch RadioTimes interview 
Rachel Chavkin acceptance speech and article in The Hollywood Reporter
From Charlotte Bevan on ProFile:
ProFile is the NT’s online video database for d/Deaf and disabled performers, it is used by thousands of casting directors in film, theatre and TV across the UK and has over 200 members and counting. Its aim is to increase the representation of d/Deaf and disabled actors in our industries, and loads of actors have been cast in all sorts of roles through the site, so if you aren’t aware of it please check it out at
From Victoria Emslie on Primetime
We’ve currently got around 1000 members worldwide including multi-BAFTA and Emmy winners and our first Oscar-nominated Director. Every day new agencies and Guilds are endorsing us and encouraging their members to sign up. Primetime is a simple tool to help the industry look at its hiring practices so we will no longer hear the excuse of: “where are all the women?”
From Akua Gyamfi on The British Blacklist:
The British Blacklist is an online media platform which showcases British Black Talent in the arts across Screen, Stage, Sound and Literature. It also has a database of British Black talent which serves as a visibility platform for the arts industry to find diverse talent to work with.
Twitter: @BritBlacklist
Trailer to Olivia Wilde’s film Booksmartshowing at cinemas near you now- DO NOT MISS IT!